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Reverse Mortgage Lender

Dennis A. Keithly MBA

Senior Educator

NMLS #1010315

Fresno, CA

(559) 917-4955
Reverse Your Thinking® Mortgage NMLS#: 2161957

Dennis A. Keithly MBA

I worked in the call center in Orange, CA for American Advisors Group or AAG for several years. You have seen their TV and newspaper ads with Tom Selleck as their spokesperson and previously Fred Thompson. With over 200 loan officers or Reverse Mortgage Professionals, I was in the top 10 % in sales and originated close to 100 loans. Once I decided to leave AAG I went to work for a reverse mortgage or now it is called a Home Equity Conversion Mortgage or HECM broker.  As a broker, we can provide more solutions in tapping into one of your largest unused assets, home equity. We work with all the leading reverse mortgage lenders and not tied to one specific company. I  look for the best solution based on your unique situation. We can pick and choose what is best for you. We want this mortgage to work for you!!

As HECM professionals, we work with homes valued up to $ 10,000,000, or it can be more. The majority of my clients have home values up to $1,149,825. This is the FHA limit for HECM's. The other HECM product is a jumbo or proprietary loan. I also work with people 60 years and older that are looking to purchase a new home. This is what we call the HECM for purchase programme. How nice would be to purchase your new home for about 50 % of the sales price and putting the remainder in the bank, credit  union or with your financial planner? You can get the home that you want without sacrificing your wish list. This allows you to buy a larger home, home upgrades, a larger lot, a better view, 55 plus community, etc. I also work with grey divorces. One of the largest decisions a divorcee has is how to deal with the home. Our options can include one party buying out the other so one can reside in their current home and other party can purchase a new home. If the parties decide to sell we can help each party buy a new with the the proceeds of the sale of their home. I work with divorce attorneys and realtors in local area. I recently spoke to the Fresno Chapter Board of Attorneys on grey divorce and working on some referrals. 

I use a consultative approach with talking to either pre-retirees or post retirees. I want to coordinate our discussions, or meetings with your board of directors including family members, fidicuraries, an estate, elder or divorce attorney, CPA's, clergy, etc. Our first meeting either in person, or phone, is breaking the ice getting to know each other, asking a lot of questions, providing education and information so you can make an informed if this financial solution(s) is right for you. There are not costs or fees for the initial meeting or additional meetings if needed. You decide what is best for you. 

My catch phrase is that I am a senior helping other seniors age in with place with diginity and grace.

To explore your options and receive a free consultation give me a call, or text me at 559.917.4955. I do inhouse meetings if that works best for you.

Sincerely yours,

Dennis A. Keithly MBA
Senior Educator
Reverse Your Thinking® Mortgage
NMLS # 1010315 and Company NMLS # 2161957